A to Z for Start-up Team/Entrepreneurs

Random thoughts on my learning (or lot of un-learning!) so far…please note that I am not a William Shakespeare (nor a serial entrepreneur, by definition not even an entrepreneur…realized that my class is tagged as intrapreneur=somebody else’s money + risk but (some of) your ideas), and so the post is intended to pass on a sense of A to Z in…

A – Attitude I would rate attitude higher than skills when you are recruiting the first 50 employees. “Hire for attitude, train for skill” see  http://blogs.hbr.org/taylor/2011/02/hire_for_attitude_train_for_sk.html

B – Big Dreams  it doesn’t cost you to dream BIG (yes, keep a watch on the money value of time cos everybody only thinks of time value of money)

C – Commit what you can deliver – this way life is very easy (especially for all others around you) Something we breathe in and out daily at http://www.nationwidedocs.org/vision-mission-guiding-principles/

D – Decisions and THE DARING – dare to believe, chase your dreams and take quick decisions, also relevance to 28 Madras (THE DARING) – guys from our unit will understand this better http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Madras_Regiment

E – Evolve – everything has to evolve and that is the rule of nature…don’t get stuck or stagnate

F – F%#$ – say WTF and move on with things that you don’t like. If this https://www.facebook.com/WhatTheFacts can get 939,285 likes then all of us should be optimistic about everything in life!

G – GOALS – if you don’t have goals don’t even read further. Please re-visit after reading this book http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Goal_(novel)

H – HIRE n HEADACHE – both these terms have indirect relationship, If you don’t hire right you will have lot of day-to-day headaches to deal with and if you got this right 2/3rd of the battle is won!

I – INNOVATION – the less of I, me and myself and the more of INNOVATION + we, us and team that you see on informal mails you will know how does you team think collectively. Please finish the reading and then you can delete all the I’s…

J – JUGAAD – This is the biggest global contribution from India (after zero) to the spirit of entrepreneurship, (read this blog to understand better http://jugaadtoinnovation.blogspot.in/ – especially ideal for “troubleshoot” scenarios to laying the stepping stone of “Innovation”

K – KOOL – key critical attribute – just like the word cool except that it is only for lazy people that don’t feel like hitting the C on the keyboard…and leverage the proximity of “K” next to “O” and “L” http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kool

L – Laissez-faire & Learning from failures – Leave us be” or “let us do” or “completely free market” theory (which apparently does not exist at all and I realized that there are pan-continent definitions for this!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laissez-faire The basic understanding of free market theory is very important for everybody in the team…to understand the supply-demand cycle along with opportunity (missed) cost! Learning from failures is self-explanatory…

M – MAD – You gotta be used to be referred by this term very often and just smile, cos you know the real meaning: “Making A Difference” to the society…is all that you intend to do! If you don’t know what to do…please visit http://makeadiff.in/

N – NO  Learn to say “NO” to non-core activities or you will end up becoming part of the non-core team!

O – ORGASM  get used to lot of “fake orgasms” (read as “customers who like your product/service but not willing to pay for it”) stay away from these customers, the real insights will be given by those who say NO

P – forget all the 4 P’s, 5C’s – real life is different, don’t miss the meat in the endeavor to match the acronyms

Q – QUALITY – tried and tested method to focus on which will never let you down!

R – RELEVANT – always “stay relevant” to the changes directly affecting the “ICE” – Investors, Customers and Employees – easier said than done…http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/05/four_strategies_for_staying_re.html

S – SUCCESS – there is nothing which tastes sweeter than success in each and every aspect of life! Hold on till you reach the peak…and majority of the times the journey is sweeter than reaching the destination (which always keeps moving further!)

T – MVT (Yes – Money value of time or TRUST, a twist to time value money is the need of the hour!) – will really help you decide whether you should devote your time to read this blog or do something better! 
U – YOU MUST BE a good LISTENER…as the saying goes – God has given two ears and one mouth, please maintain the ratio judiciously. http://web.missouri.edu/~campbellr/Leadership/chapter6.htm
V – VICTORY – celebrate all small victories cos later on you may NOT get a chance to celebrate even big achievements (cos of MVT!)
W – WIN-WIN – create win-win situations for all stakeholders, especially for successful partnerships
X – The “X” Factor – critical success factor for the right team balance/composition!
Y – Never hesitate to ask Why? http://www.startwithwhy.com/
Zzzzz – Take rest and have good sleep…

One thought on “A to Z for Start-up Team/Entrepreneurs

  1. Nice to see you blogging and will follow you. I particularly liked your A,B,H and L definitions. If one does not have a dream or passion then one has not lived a life of human.

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