Not To Do List – #StartUp

1. Meeting without Agenda 2. Saying "Yes" to everything or to please somebody... 3. Spending more time on competitors or investors viz a viz customers 4. Repeating same mistakes again 5. Responding to mails as they come 6. Every problem does NOT need a fix 7. Multitasking 8. Not sharing ideas because somebody will copy!... Continue Reading →

@ CII Innovation Summit 2013

1. Entrepreneurs and investors - pitch for fund raising is like "love at first sight, if chemistry is not there - difficult for arithmetic to work"! 2. Dealing with uncertainty and comfort to thrive in ambiguity - key DNA needed for entrepreneurs 3. US: 18-20k companies formed every year (20-30% get funding) vs India 1.5-3k... Continue Reading →

A to Z for Start-up Team/Entrepreneurs

Random thoughts on my learning (or lot of un-learning!) so far...please note that I am not a William Shakespeare (nor a serial entrepreneur, by definition not even an entrepreneur...realized that my class is tagged as intrapreneur=somebody else's money + risk but (some of) your ideas), and so the post is intended to pass on a... Continue Reading →

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