Apple launches menstrual period tracking #Cycle

Apple made yet another announcement in #health monitoring & tracking space at WDDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). Dr Sumbul Desai, VP of Health at Apple & Assistant Professor at Stanford launched – Menstrual Period Tracking tool called #Cycle

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 features expected to improve the patient-physician communication, help in making better informed clinical decisions & also helping end-users to plan their days better.

  1. Flow Tracker – helps the end user to document the intensity of the flow (light, medium & heavy etc) Although it appears to be a simple thing but the ability to log info on your wrist or with a click ensures that the data collection is seamless.
  2. Cycle Log – women can log in the associated signs & symptoms, especially those who experience lot of pain, headache, breast tenderness etc will find it very useful when they consult a doctor.
  3. Fertility Tracker – it helps women to estimate the Ovulation Period which improves the chances of successful pregnancy for those planning motherhood.
  4. Period Prediction – notification alerts to the end user a day before the period is about to start, helps women plan their schedule.
  5. Articles – for the young users who are yet to understand the basics of menstrual cycles – there are few articles which explain the physiological process

Although the features look very simple, visualization and ease of access to log in information through your wrist (WatchOS6) or through iPhone (iOS13) makes it a compelling feature for women. It is expected that more third-party apps will be able to integrate data to churn out more meaningful health metrics for women’s health. Apple may have found a “blockbuster” healthcare tool with simple but amazing looking features – especially, when Pharma has failed to deliver new blockbusters.

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