Not To Do List – #StartUp

1. Meeting without Agenda 2. Saying "Yes" to everything or to please somebody... 3. Spending more time on competitors or investors viz a viz customers 4. Repeating same mistakes again 5. Responding to mails as they come 6. Every problem does NOT need a fix 7. Multitasking 8. Not sharing ideas because somebody will copy!... Continue Reading →

Mobile Phone Usage & Its Effect on Your Health – Tip of the Iceberg?

Please take 2 min survey below There are extensive studies and research done on the effects of mobile phone/devices due to the radiation or electromagnetic fields produced by the mobile phones. The International Agency for Research on Cancer have hinted at possible carcinogenic link in human beings and radiation - however WHO is expected to conduct a... Continue Reading →

Indians talk fast, eat fast but sadly don’t walk fast or as much… #Change Food and Lifestyle Habits today to prevent Diabetes!

Most Indians who have worked in a diverse multi-cultural organizations know that Indians tend to talk very fast and our western counterparts find it difficult to comprehend - well nothing new in that! (Don't think I need to provide a citation or reference for this statement) However, a recent survey conducted by pharma major Abbot, showed 62%... Continue Reading →

The 4 W’s of Business Development

The title was just a hook to get the attention of all those akin to the 4 P's and the 3 C's - unfortunately business development (unlike marketing or sales) is not so well defined and is best kept ambiguous. And why not - it is indeed in a way dealing with ambiguity, being comfortable... Continue Reading →

@ CII Innovation Summit 2013

1. Entrepreneurs and investors - pitch for fund raising is like "love at first sight, if chemistry is not there - difficult for arithmetic to work"! 2. Dealing with uncertainty and comfort to thrive in ambiguity - key DNA needed for entrepreneurs 3. US: 18-20k companies formed every year (20-30% get funding) vs India 1.5-3k... Continue Reading →

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